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Aloha from Kauai,Hawaii,USA. I am planning my first trip to S.Africa and plan to surf  Jeffries Bay and kitesurf the surrounding areas from April 7 to May 2. Bringing 2 kites and harness but will be needing room and  car and  surfboards,  wetsuits, etc.Hoping some kiters in the Jeffries area may be planning to come to Hawaii and we could mutually help each other out in our visit and have a kite buddy some of the time. I fly foils: Flysurfers in lighter winds:.Peter lynns in higher winds and enjoy down winders in surf  on surfboards,Of course if no one is interested in coming to Hawaii am gonna buy or rent what  i will be needing....If anyone can give me tips or advice  will be gladly appreciated. Hoping to catch Jeffries with side on winds with some of you guys out and no surfers out..........Albatross Mark

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Hey Mark. Th ebest guy to speak to is Brad, I am sure he will be replying to you soon and give you the run down on all the amazing spots in the Eastern Cape. Enjoy your trip and keep us up-dated on the spots.

Thanks Sinisa,Where are you located?Will drive from Capetown to Durban.A kite buddy from NYC may join me....??....Brad and I are gonna do an advanced lesson of riding surfboards in surf and meanwhile get to know spots conditions riders etc.thru e-mails...Albatross Mark



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