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Hi Guys,


We all know that Cape Town is very laid back and that the rest of SA thinks that we are all slackers but lets prove them wrong! I think it's time to organize some"BOARD MEETINGS" here in Cape Town.

The professional beach bums in Durban have proven that by organizing a weekly board meetings the levels of stress have dropped significantly, it's  a good excuse to go kite after work or come home late and it might even become something you enjoy and you are looking forward to!!


For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about....


The board meeting is basically a group of guys that get together on a regular basis to kite some different spots. Everybody can come up with some spots and we go out there and explore them!


Few things to consider:

1 - Need to set time to meet
2 - Venue must be drivable and kiteable in a day, get home early and score points with the better half
3 - Some spots will not have any facilities on hand, so we will need to organize decent cooler and drinks food and whatever else tickles you fancy.
4 - Any other suggestions are welcome
5 - Have a BLAST

6 - What happens in the Board Meeting stays in the board meeting.


Everybody who signs up for this can stay in touch via the Kitesports CT Board Meeting thread and we also can hook it up to BBN Black Berry Network etc. to stay in touch. I know not everyone will always be able to join and and it is wind dependent but the times we do get it right it will be one heck of a jol!!!


We can meet at the Kitesports Shop in Big Bay and leave from there. There are plenty of spots where we can get to within an hour or so.


Let me know if you guys are up for it!!









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Fred, it isn't called Slaapstad for nothing.... :-)

Just kidding! I think it is an awesome idea and when I can get down there, i'd love to join you okes.
Fred, it isn't called Slaapstad for nothing.... :-)

Just kidding! I think it is an awesome idea and when I can get down there, i'd love to join you okes.

Hi Craig,


You are right but the winter is over, Spring is in the air and it's time to get out of Hibernation mode and enjoy all the good stuff the mother city got to offer!


We have got a lot of activities lined up for the season we are ready to rock and roll!!


Pop in next time you are in Cape Town!!


Take care.

I like, I will for sure join the Board meeting when I am down that side. Keep me posted, am very keen to kite some good wave spots in Cape Town.


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