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Hi Guys hope you are all well?

I am currently living in the UK. I am from Durban (Pinetown) and moved over to the UK about 8 years ago now. I am going to over in Durbs in March to get married and wanted to try get a kite surfing lesson in.


I have been flying kites for about 4 years now and i am currently a kite buggier but have alwasy wanted to have a go at kite surfing being from durbs i love the sea and use to be out bodyboarding every weekend.

I have got quite a bit of experiance with depower surf kites and own a 12m Flexifoil Atom (very nice kite i love it) that i use in the buggy also own a number of fixed bridle kites. I prefer to use depower in the buggy and you can get some right power slides going.

Just wanted to find out really what people thought was best as in i know how to fly the kite and all i really need to be shown is how to get up on a board (i have also tried land boarding with a kite but hear it is totally different) what do people suggest? also on a tight budget so need to try find the best thing to do.


Cheers in advance for any sugestions



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Hey Don,

Welcome to the KITESPORTS community, its great to have you as a member.

Sounds like you have all the experience to get up and riding fairly quickly and we would be more than happy to assist you with lessons and get you riding ASAP.

Cheers and will email you shortly with more details.


Hey guys

So what is the weather like round March time for kitesurfing? How are the winds?

Hi Don,

We tend to get wind most of the year with April - August being the worst months. Our best wind months are supposed to be Oct - Jan. Unfortunately the wind here is inconsistent so sometimes you can have quite a few windy days in one week and then no wind for 2 weeks - very frustrating! It's pretty much pot-luck whether or not you have decent wind while you are here.


Sorry for all the questions but just wanted to get so more info really. What is the best wind direction to be going for?

Hi guys


So i leave for SA on Saturday got a hell of a long way to travel and now having to drive from JHB to Durban because of bloody Velvert Sky messing everyone around.

So how have the winds and weather been recently? I know you guys have had a cyclone over there did anyone dare get out in it?

Well will hopfully get to meet a few of you guys on Monday



Cool, look forward to meeting you and hopefully getting in a decent session. Not the best time for wind but we haven't had any this week so maybe next week will be good!



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