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 Welcome to the Lifestyle! We at Kitesports are driven by a passion for the sport of kiteboarding. It is our goal to introduce as many people as possible to this thrilling sport and to teach them in a safe and responsible way. Our IKO (International Kiteboarding Organisation) qualified instructors have a combined 12 years teaching experience so we provide a high quality level of teaching, with standards that are recognised and applied worldwide.

  You will be taught using all the latest kitesurfing gear and we have fully stocked shops with experienced staff to ensure you have all the equipment and back-up support you need to continue your newfound passion! We look forward to introducing you to this amazing lifestyle and the Kitesports Community.

 Our recommendation is that you start with a half-day (4 hour) lesson that will give you a good feel for what flying the kite on the beach and on the water is about. A 2-hour lesson is also available if you prefer but for beginners this will only get you flying the kite on the beach. The 2-hour slot is good if you've already got some experience and want to progress to more advanced flying.

Below is a breakdown of the two time slots to show what is covered.

Kitesurfing Lessons/Schools: DurbanPort Elizabeth - Jeffreys Bay

2-hour Lesson

• Safety theory
• Kite set-up and kite maintenance
• Know the use of safety systems
• Understanding the wind window
• Basic kite flying skills on the beach
• Launch and land the kite
• Packing up kite and lines

No experience needed.
Must be able to swim.
Bring your sunscreen, hat and sunglasses.
Cost: R500.00

Half-Day Course (4 hours)

All that is covered in the 2-hour lesson above, plus:

• Advanced Kite flying skills on the beach and on the water
• Water re-launch the kite
• Basic downwind body dragging
• Advanced upwind body dragging
• Body dragging with a board
• Possibly trying for a first ride on the board (depends on how you've progressed)

Cost: R900.00

We try to have individual instructors per student if possible but in busy times you may be partnered with another student. We won't have more than 2 students per instructor unless you request a group lesson.

For more advanced lessons give us a call so we can discuss what you need - Contact Us



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