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Mutiny F-Series

Mutiny F-Series Kite wingtip view on beach Accessible Performance

Progression for All Levels has Never Been Easier

The F-Series offers easy, problem-free riding and faster progression for any rider, whatever your ability. With staggering performance and a vast power range from its fast, powerful profile, hybrid bridle system and swept platform, the F-Series gives you a crisp, comfortable bar feel, predictable turn speed and simple relaunch with the confidence to tackle an extremely large range of conditions and styles. Ease yourself slowly into high performance kitesurfing or explore the dizzy heights that max power has to offer.


Enormous Jumps and Massive Hangs

This kite boosts! When you send the F-Series, the large power variation, fast profile and high aspect ratio centre all work together to launch you into huge effortless jumps just by pulling in the bar. With refined aerodynamics, carefully adjusted canopy shaping and trailing edge stiffeners we've minimised the drag and produced a kite with lightning acceleration, a crisp feedback and unrivalled hang-time. You'll be surprised how high you go, how long you stay up and how easy it all was.


Mutiny F-Series Kite CKC - Clean Kite ConceptCKC - Clean Kite Concept - Less Drag, More Performance

The Mutiny Clean Kite Concept ensures the smoothest aerodynamics possible. Our trailing edge flow stabilisers, stream-lined strut ends, wrinkle-free, rugged exoskeleton and smoother glued overlap seams minimize the drag even more. There is nothing left exposed to interrupt the air flow or catch your lines when crashing your kite. With the direct rear line connection, optimised tow point positions and our load distributed panels you'll find the F-Series to be crisp and smooth through the sky, have direct, responsive handling and a light bar pressure that doesn't cause fatigue.


Simple, Safe, Light and Durable

The F-Series is a high performance kite with a reliable safety system, safe line connectors and a bomb proof design allowing progression without the worry of injury or kite damage. Although the F-Series has a huge depower range, your Quick Release will stop it pulling completely and land it gently. With an easy relaunch and no tangles thanks to our CKC you can learn new moves with confidence. Our super tough, light weight, Technoforce canopy distributes the forces from our double prestretched, extra strong flying lines perfectly across the sail area and with our Exo-Tech exoskeleton reinforcing the load bearing areas of your kite you'll have a safe, easy-to-use, direct kite that lasts. Watch both the 4 line and 5 line safety in action


4/5 Line Compatible Versatility

The F-Series offers you, the rider, the choice of 4 or 5 lines. With a simple alteration you can choose the style with which you feel most comfortable. 4 lines offer get great depower, easy relaunch and a huge wind range - ideal for wave riding and free riding. With 5 lines you get the benefit of a fast acting safety bridle, perfect for nervous beginners. For those more adventurous riders, the 5 Line format also offers an excellent unhooked experience, consistent pull, great pop and smooth power delivery ideal for the latest new school tricks.


Mutiny Exo-Tech IconMutiny "Exo-Tech"™ Exoskeleton - Reinforcement in All the Right Places

The precision-cut Mutiny Exoskeleton, consisting of hard-wearing Dacron strips, provides rugged but wrinkle-free reinforcement to the canopy areas under high load concentration without adding unnecessary weight to your kite. The Exo-Tech design has been tested in all conditions and will stand up to the roughest of abuse. With theMutiny F-Series you've got performance that lasts.


Pumping up Mutiny F-Series Kites on beachMutiny Technoforce - The Carbon Fibre of the Kite World

Mutiny uses Technoforce T9 polyester ripstop for every kite canopy from one of the world's most sophisticated fabric suppliers, Tejin. Those Japanese perfectionists have exacting standards when it comes to ripstop and this lightweight material is very strong, waterproof and comes with UV-protective coatings on both sides. So you can be confident of optimum kite performance, session after session.


Mutiny LE Seam IconSuper Tough LE Seam

Through rigorous, destructive testing and by concentrating our efforts on the weakest areas of kites, our solution reinforces the tight folds of the LE closure without adding excessive weight. In keeping with the F-Series™ bomb-proof construction and CKC™, the LE Seam will prolong the life of your kite and allow smoother air flow around the tube improving overall performance and durability. It takes us a little longer to make but will take you a lot longer to break.


Mutiny Load Force IconLoad Distributed Panels - Accurate Force Alignment for Usable Power

We have analysed the load distribution across our canopies, redesigned the panel shapes and ensured their accurate positioning to direct the forces intelligently across the kite. This allows the most efficient use of the available power, to reduce the wear and stop the kite from mis-shaping during flight giving you a long- lasting, responsive feeling and direct connection to your kite.


Trailing Edge Flow Stabilisers

With our determination for clean airflow comes two types of trailing edge flow stabiliser, designed to reduce the drag in the canopy and drive clean airflow from the back of the kite. Mylar stiffening elements and stiff 4mm battens are used to eliminate high frequency vibrations and flutter in the canopy completely. This greatly improves the light wind performance of the F-Series and brings us closer to our goal of a silent kite.


Mutiny Glued Seam IconGlued Overlap Seam - Canopy Optimisation

As part of Mutiny's CKC™ we have changed our stitching methods to a glued overlap seam which produces a kite with a smooth, wrinkle-free canopy, minimizing airflow disruption over the profile and optimizing its performance. By spending longer aligning the panels, your F-Series will fly smoother and respond more crisply to all of your inputs without delay or unexpected hiccups.


Mutiny Kite Control Bar on beachYou’ll Only Ever Need One Bar and This Is It

The Mutiny Bar has been designed for you, the rider. The Mutiny design team have created a control system with unrivalled compatibility which, with a simple design concept can be used by all riders, with all kites, in all conditions. An adaptable length, 4 or 5 line compatibility and a perfect ergonomic design mean you’ll only ever need one bar whatever the weather, whatever your mood. With a simple push-away safety, new super sticky Gecko Grip™ and a whole host of performance enhancing features you can be sure your Mutiny Bar will look great, feel great and work properly with any kite in your quiver. The Mutiny Bar needs a whole page on its own(!) it has so many features, so download the Mutiny Bar Catalogue to read about all the features.






Mutiny Self-Rescue IconSelf Rescue Handles - If You want to be Rescued Properly, Do it Yourself

When all else fails, the F-Series includes simple and effective self-rescue handles which in an emergency allow the rider to perform a self pack-down and rescue with a well placed handle.


Technical Specs

Mutiny F-Series Performance Chart Mutiny F-Series Wind Range

For all those who are interested in the numbers, go to: More technical info on Mutiny F-Series Kite



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A Mutiny F-Series when purchased with 4-Line control bar for example comes complete with:

  • Mutiny F-Series Kite
  • Mutiny 4-line set (fully pre-stretched Dyneema flying lines - 25m - 360kg)
  • Mutiny Control Bar (adjustable to 52cm or 48cm)
  • Mutiny Safety Leash
  • Mutiny Pump
  • Mutiny Repair Kit
  • Mutiny Kite Bag.

Mutiny F-Series Kite


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