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You ready to kite!!!!

Take advanage of the wind  we will be getting in Durban.



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Hi S Africa surfers and kitesurfers, Live in Hawaii and will be surfing and kitesurfing From Landing in Capetown April 5 to Leaving May 5 in Durban.Most time will be spent near Jeffries. Wish to  meet many of you at the beach and share our knowledge skills and fun.   Albatross Mark  

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Maputo Open 2010 - Kiteboarding contest

With only 8 weeks to put an event together the guys from Mozambique did a fabulous job.

Day 1:

We set off from Durban at the new snazzy airport and arrived in JHB to meet all the top riders from around the country. It was really good to see the guys again and I knew that the level at this contest would be totally mind blowing.

We all set off for Mozambique compliments of 1Time airlines and the flight went really quick, before we knew it we had touched down…


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SAKT Umdloti Durban 2011

The SAKT held in Umdloti Durban had a great turn out with local riders attending and challenging the riders frm arond teh country.

Saturday morning looked as we would not get much wind, so most of the guys took to the water with surfboards and enjoyed the classic Durban surf. The wind started to fill through but just not enough to get going,

but that did not hold Dean back. He took out the new 12m Proton with a…


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Kitesurfing in P.E

Kitesurfing in P.E

Arriving in P.E after a short 1.5hr flight from Durban I met up with Fred from Xelerator and Stef from JHB and we headed straight to the beach. After breakfast we decided to

take a drive and locate some new kiting spots that we could test out the next

day as the forecast was looking really good. Our mission was to find waves, and

waves we did find. But some of the spots require allot more planning as…


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Which way is Forward when it comes to Sliding.

Sliding is the next big phase we are going to see in kiting and my suspicions are that it will be good for the sport as a whole. It is a simple concept for a sport like kiting but for once the sport becomes static in that you can actually "tie down" the riders to an area. This has huge implications for the sport in terms of the media and events as there is suddenly something that is easy to market. It has huge spectator value and this is what sponsors are after. It…


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How is this for a Durban forecast!!!

Anyone keen to kite today?

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November Events

November is an action packed month for kiting in KZN. Two events are happening. The South African Kiteboard Tour (SAKT) is coming to town on the 13th &14th and the South Coast Surf Carnival on the 6th & 7th

and then the

For more info go to…


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Jolly Rubino - Revisited - Wednesday's Board Meetings

In light of the new group 'Wednesday Board Meeting' that has been set up on the network, I thought I would steal the opportunity to bring something to light and then hopefully get to try and revisit an old friend. For some 7 years now I have been trying to get back to her, so maybe now is our time.

If you have any adventure in you then join the group to stay in the loop. Here's to hoping that this time we pull it off again. Oh and by the way if you think a Wednesday is…


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Kiteworld Magazine Review The New Flexifoil Ion 5

Kiteworld mag reviews the new Flexifoil Ion 5:…


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Richard Branson Gets the Green light today

This morning Sir Richard Branson will cross the English Channel kitesurfing.

Keep an eye on the Flexifoil Facebook Fan page for all the latest Pictures of this epic adventure!

Flexifoil Facebook Page

>>Click here for more pics…


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South Coast Surf Chaos

Sort your business out and get signed up for this one !!!!!

Added by Dean Bottcher on August 23, 2010 at 17:39 — 1 Comment

Aaron Hadlow Podcast with the Kiteboarder mag

This week on the Kiteboarder podcast they interviewed Aaron Hadlow. At just 21 years old, Aaron started on his path to

becoming the five time world kiteboarding champion on the PKRA tour at

10 years old when he first started flying his dad’s kites.

Click on the link below to listen to the podcast and what Aaron is up to these days.

Podcast: Aaron… Continue

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Branson Is Crossing the Channel!

In celebration of his 60th Birthday, Sir Richard Branson has today announced that he will be kitesurfing the English channel along with his friends and family with the support of

Virgin Active and Flexifoil.

Richard, never one to shy away from a challenge has thrown down the gauntlet to the big six zero by setting himself up to become the oldest person to kitesurf the English Channel,

from Dungeness to the French coast.

Being an extremely…


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Only girl riding strapless, super stoked about 5:th place in worldcup!

I was the only girl in the competition riding without footstraps. Really happy to finish at 5:th place on the worldcup here in Morocco. Won first heat against Angela Peral and then lost against 2006

worldchampion Ainhoa Garcia. On two out of three judges it was a really

close heat against Garcia, I lost with 5 points against 6 with one judge

and 3.6 to 4.8 with the other one.…


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New Xelerator 2011 Kiteboards

We have managed to twist Fred's arm and get some pics of the new 2011 kiteboards he has lined up for the coming season. From the success of the 2010 line of BOMB PROOF boards, the new range

is going to take the words "indestructible & performance" to a

whole new level.…


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Fiji update

Bula Vinaka from Fiji!

Its been a while since I last updated life in Fiji, but since my son Yorke arrived here for a two week holiday, I thought I would share some of the amazing pics of where we went away to.

The place is called the Beach House and is on the Coral Coast, a two hour drive from my home in Lautoka, on the West Coast of Vitu Levu.

Yorke arrived here on Sunday 13th June after a quick two night stop over in Sydney. Andrea and…


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Fire in Ponta

For those of you who don’t know about the fire

in Ponta which destroyed the dive camps etc, see the pics below. I have also

added some info and link from east coast radio which might be helpful for those

wanting to assist in any way possible.

Watch the ECR space because there is

talk of collection points for clothes, wetsuits, blankets and towels which can

be sent to assist the…

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Where in the world is Aaron Hadlow?

I came across this article and though it may answer some of the questions that have been floating around lately.

Where in the world is Aaron Hadlow?

When someone mentions the name Aaron Hadlow, people stop dead in their tracks to get a glimpse of this English kiteboarding superhero in action. From his super sick freestyle

moves, to his smooth wakeboading influenced style, Hadlow is simply…


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Sterkfontein Dam April 2010

Sterkfontein Dam April 2010:

The weekend at the dam was epic! It was a bit chilly in the evenings but during the day it was nice and warm and the wind was solid on Saturday and Sunday which was perfect for Kitesurfing...

During the 3 day…


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