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Ozone Catalyst 2013

Kiteworld Magazine recently tested the Catalyst (Issue 52), this is what they had to say:

“Summary: From the build quality, fixtures, fittings and wonderful bar, to the super clean, balanced canopy to the feeling of having a refined BMW on the end of your lines. Anyone could get on this kite and have a really good time, from all round freestyle, to wave riding right back to just needing some grunt to get up and going to perfect your up wind riding.”

In short if you…


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Ozone Catalyst vs Ozone Reo what are the differences?

Hi guys & girls!!

We often get the question from our clients "What is the difference between the Reo & Catalyst?". 

I thought I will write a detailed comparison, which I thought may benefit others with the same question. I hope it is of interest to all.

Let me start by saying that both kites are excellent choices, they have quite a few similarities but also some major differences. Before the Reo was brought out I have been riding the Catalyst as my wave kites…


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Ozone REO 2013 OUT NOW Could they improve on arguably the best wave kite on the market?!

The first new REOs are on their way. We are very excited and also curious to see if the guys from Ozone did it again and improved a product that, according to my humble opinion, was as good as it gets!!

All the sizes throughout the range, from 4m to 12m, have the same feel. Whether you ride hooked in, park & ride, or unhooked the Reo is THE kite for the wave riders!! I can't wait for the first batch to arrive and to try them out!!

Kitesports is offering a 15% discount on…


Added by Fred Kloren on September 4, 2012 at 1:00 — 2 Comments

Day 2 The Unlimited Kite Experience Powered by Kitesports

Of all the days on the expedition, this is the one that I was looking forward to the most. It’s the most untouched and inaccessible part of the coastline that we are traversing. I drove it once, with my best mate and his old man, before the ban on beach driving. It was a fantastic day back then, what better than to do it again with another close mate and a pair of kites. Epic.

After waking up with another dull ache between the eyes (thanks Hansa), we headed down to the beach full of…


Added by Fred Kloren on August 16, 2012 at 12:58 — 2 Comments

Day 1 The Unlimited Kite Experience Powered by Kitesports

After a very enthusiastic and excited afternoon in Ponta Yesterday, we woke up with the not-so-subtle after effects of one too many 2M! Riaan Manser would’ve suggested that this is not the optimal way to start an expedition and I would have to agree, nonetheless, our excitement quickly overcame the dull ache between my eyes and by 9am, we were charged and ready to set off on the adventure of our lifetimes.

We should’ve waited for the North Westerly wind to swing North easterly, but we…


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The final preparations before the Epic adventure really starts

By Zach Buchan

The reality of the adventure is starting to dawn on me. I remember this feeling from before we went to the South Pole. Six months before you go (particularly if you’ve had a few toots) it’s pure excitement, but as you get closer (and minus the cabernet), some of the realities start hitting home.

No doubt, this will be exponentially more comfortable than the expedition in Antarctica, but there’s still quite a bit of concern.…


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There Are Worse Places In The World To Be Stranded

By Zach Buchan

We’ve been blessed with a huge amount of interest and support for our adventure. We’ve also been asked a lot of questions about how it’s all going to actually work, where we are going to stay, what if the wind stops, what if Ross goes on a binge. Here is the essence of it:

The distance along the coastline from Ponta Do Oura to Durban is about 430 k’s. Our plan is to catch the seasonal North-Easterly wind whenever it blows. The…


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The Unlimited Kitesurfing Adventure

By Zack Buchan

Its January 2012, its minus 40°C, I’ve been hauling a pulk for the last 10 hours and we’re heading south in the most brutal environment on earth. I’m extremely privileged to be part of an 8 man expedition to the South Pole…and I’m getting a taste for it. I realise that I’ve opened a door that I’ll never be able to go back through.

When we get back to our base at Union Glacier, 2 guys come in. They’ve, just kited across…


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Extreme Adventurers embark on Kitesurfing Odyssey powered by Kitesports

Two South African extreme sports enthusiasts will attempt to battle their way into the history books by kitesurfing a grueling 430km route down the East Coast of Africa.

The Unlimited Kitesurfing Expedition - Hailed as one of the most ambitious kitesurfing expeditions ever planned off the African coast - this epic voyage promises to be the ultimate contest between man and the elements.

During this thrilling endurance test, Durbanites, Zack Buchan (36) and Ross…


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Wakestyle boys join Team Ozone

Wakestyle boys join team Ozone! There's been a distinct lack of firepower from the Ozone team when it comes to wake style riding, but not anymore!

For years, the Ozone team has tried to push their wake style team, to no avail as riders left, swapped sponsors, lost interest or just didn't perform. Despite having one of the leading C kites on the market, the C4, Ozone pushed their racing kite the Edge due to the high demand and good race results from team riders like Adam Koch. As a…


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Flexifoil Hadlow Freestyle Kitesurf Board MK 2 On Pre order Now

Aaron Hadlow and Flexifoil present, fresh for the 2012 season, a new direction for the HADLOW brand. With an unprecedented five PKRA championships behind him, Aaron has worked to develop the ultimate freestyle board that has proven its success time after time.

Built from the original design and shape of the…


Added by Fred Kloren on June 2, 2012 at 10:00 — 2 Comments

What size and shape kite waveboard should I choose??

xelerator epic kite waveboard 2011 series It is always difficult to answer this question although here, Size Does Matter.

Choosing the right kite waveboard depends on so many different factors and let’s not forget personal preference either.

Before we have a look at the different shapes, let’s have a look at what the basics are to take into consideration when next time you are considering a new board.

#1 What size surfboard?

The first…


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