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The second generation Proton has come out with some tweaks and changes. Flexifoil has created this kite in an effort to tap into the waveriding market by changing the shape slightly while still keeping it very user friendly and super stable to cater to the beginner/intermediate rider.


I’ve mainly flown the 9m. The first thing I noticed are the more swept wingtips allowing for a lot more depower than last year’s model and also making it a very easy relaunch. With the 9m I’d suggest putting an extra knot closer to the kite in the back line pigtails as I was holding in the bar a lot and not depowering at all to unhook. After shortening the back lines the kite became much more responsive and I managed to get more power out of it. The stability of the kite really helps it to drift downwind while riding down the line on a wave, and with the more C-shape hybrid designs that Flexifoil have always stuck by, the kite gives you great feedback and a predictable ride while unhooked. The kite feels slightly lighter then the previous model which also helps with the drift-ability while waveriding.


I had a freestyle session on the 9m and 12m two days before writing this. I was super stoked after my twin-tip session even though I hardly ever ride freestyle anymore. Once sheeted in the kite takes the shape of a C-kite and gives you a very solid pull with loads of low end grunt, especially on the low wind setting. The solid feel of the kite and good feedback and feel while unhooked makes it an easy kite to progress with, unhooked or hooked in. I’ve used the 9m for waveriding and freestyle, unhooked and hooked in. It’s a great all rounder. It’s awesome to be able to have a kite that works for all disciplines. Where you don’t have to sacrifice unhooked freestyle for depower and waveriding. Some riders might feel that the kite is a little slow and might prefer the speed and extra power of the Hadlow Pro or Ion 5, but the great thing about the Proton 2 is that it suites every discipline and level of riding. Demo kites are available so if you are keen to get your own opinion of this kite, stop by one of the Kitesports shops and give it a try.

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Comment by Kitesports on November 7, 2011 at 14:45

Thanks Calvin. It's always good to get customer feedback on products we sell. Makes our job easier when people can read good reviews and see that customers are enjoying the kite!

To all the other community members out there; please feel free to write a review on whatever kite it is that you fly. It is a great help for other kiters who are trying to decide what to buy, and it gives you an opportunity to brag about how awesome your kite is!  ;-)


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