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Kiteworld Magazine recently tested the Catalyst (Issue 52), this is what they had to say:
“Summary: From the build quality, fixtures, fittings and wonderful bar, to the super clean, balanced canopy to the feeling of having a refined BMW on the end of your lines. Anyone could get on this kite and have a really good time, from all round freestyle, to wave riding right back to just needing some grunt to get up and going to perfect your up wind riding.”

In short if you want a kite that delivers in all categories then the Catalyst is as much for you as it is for me.

Here's the breakdown on the new 2013 Catalyst:

The Catalyst is so versatile and performs very well in all aspects. It's got something for everyone. For sure it’s a fantastic kite for entry level riders because it is easy to use and delivers smooth predictable power with progressive handling and simple relaunch.

If you are already a seasoned kiter then this kite can take you where you want to go… boost, ride waves or freestyle. So no matter what your passion might be the Catalyst will deliver.

The Ozone Catalyst 2013 is designed for riders looking for an incredibly versatile and easy kite to ride for both free ride and waves. It can take a beginner safely from the first steps right through to ripping it up in all aspects of the sport. At the same time it can satisfy and impress seasoned riders of all levels.

The all-new Catalyst 2013 is a complete redesign. If you want a kite that you can depend on to deliver the performance you want and need to ride to the level you desire on the day. It truly is a kite that can do it all no matter what riding you are doing. The smooth power delivery and refined handling allows you to relax and enjoy the ride.

As an entry level kite the new Ozone Catalyst is the perfect choice. It is easy to ride and fly and can take you from being new to kiting all the way to advanced riding if you want. The easy flight characteristics, simple relaunch and progressive de-power means you can progress quickly and safely.

Even from your first unhooked moves through to handlepasses and kite loops, the Catalyst delivers confidence inspiring performance allowing you to push your limits.

If you love to ride waves, the Catalyst is easy to ride even in those critical moments because the kite can float in the air as you cruise down the line or smash the lip. It allows you to concentrate on the wave and not have to worry about perfect kite placement to keep it flying.

The Catalyst is an amazing Freestyle starting block with its open C-shape and with a square tip design, it offers a subtle C-feel without being as aggressive as the kites such as the C4. From your first unhooked moves through to handle passes and kite loops, the Catalyst delivers confidence inspiring performance allowing you to push your limits.

When the wind picks up boosting big is always fun and exciting, the Catalyst gets you up there and brings you down softly which is great for any beaten and broken body! It can even handle unhooked riding if that is your thing! However even if it is just cruising with your friends then no matter how flat or choppy the water, the Ozone Catalyst is going to be a pleasure to ride because of it’s smooth forgiving nature and it’s performance both up and down wind.

Drawn from all the excellent attributes of previous Ozone kites, the Catalyst 2013 has been refined into an amazing kite for entry level through to advanced riders.

The Catalyst has been developed along with the new Contact control system, which has an increased de-power throw range and a simplified trimming area into modular replaceable components.

Progressive power delivery, sharper handling and better all-round
performance means that from starting out to wave or even unhooked - the Ozone Catalyst packs the perfect punch to progress safely and stress free.

Perfect Travel Kite:

The Ozone Catalyst 2013 s the perfect travel kite; light in weight and packs very small due to its compact size and minimalist 3 Strut Concept. Take the 12m on holiday with your surfboard and you have the perfect travel combo that will be under any airlines weight limits! The low end grunt of the Instinct Catalyst is truly impressive and combined with its massive depower, the wind range of the Light allows you to consider a one size quiver for most days.

Wave Riding:

For wave riding, the Ozone Catalayst's low weight is the secret that unleashes its increased performance from such a stable shape. It literally hangs in the air even in super light winds and at the edge of the wind window… it just keeps pulling. The lightness is really felt when on fast waves …when moving with a quick wave the rider can easily overtake the kite and create less tension on the lines between rider and kite. While a heavy kite loses power and dies in this situation, the Instinct Catalyst just keeps pulling away from the rider maintaining constant tension & pressure in the lines. This allows the rider to concentrate 100% on the wave knowing that the Catalyst is always ready, and with its progressive steering one can confidently snap turns at will up or down the line.

Unhooked Riding:

For intermediate riders interested in learning to ride unhooked the Light is also the kite to own. You can un-hook without stressing your head with crazy power, the Catalyst seriously makes riding un-hooked easy and stress free and therefore makes it easier for you to master your moves. This is the unhooked school kite that will allow the rider to learn those ballsy moves with ease.

Water Relaunching:

The relaunch is almost automatic, just turn the bar and it’s in the air. The Catalyst's constant power and fluid steering combined with user friendly characteristics makes the Light a dream for accelerating any learning curve. It is powerful enough to tow into the largest of waves, yet its low aspect shape will keep you on your board and not eject you when the trigger is pulled.

Ozone also feel that this kite is ideal for the occasional kiter or family that loves kiting yet does not want to invest in a lot of equipment. With the Light they have the best of all worlds, a fun and easy kite for all ages of the family that has full depower, re-assuring safety, easy relaunch, and not only is it light in weight it is also light on the wallet.

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Comment by Kitesports on October 6, 2012 at 10:06

Hey Tyler,

Most guys in Durban ride 8 and 12m but we don't get the strong winds like Cape Town. Not sure what the wind is like your side but you should be fine with the 8 and 12 and if you want to kite in the light winds throw in the 14.

Comment by Tyler Sakundiak on October 5, 2012 at 21:08

Just wondering about quiver sizing?  I'm not a fan of 4m gaps, whats common for 85 kg riders on twin tips? 8, 10 and 14?    7, 9 and 12 sounds so much better, suggestions?

I currently ride C4's and am looking for a kite that turns better when depowered and gives more lift for easier transitions etc.

Comment by Bruce Gaynham on October 3, 2012 at 12:18

If it's half as good as the 2012 model it will be great! I was flying the 10m Catalyst the other day in very light wind and I couldn't believe that I was managing to stay upwind. I also had it on the less bar pressure setting so I still could have got some more bottom end by moving it to more bar pressure setting! Other guys were on 13m and 16m kites.

I was also trying handle passes (unsuccessfully)  for the first time and the Catalyst made it so easy to be unhooked. Now I'm torn between getting a Reo or Catalyst!?!


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