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Ozone Reo 2014 review by Steffen Begere from Kitesports Port Elizabeth.

The Ozone Reo 2014 is a dedicated wave riding kite, perfect for those who come from a surfing background or those still heading there. What makes it such a good wave riding kite you may ask?

The Reo has a very forgiving feel, while the power delivery of the Reo is light and very easy, it has enough grunt (low end power) to get you aquaplaning. It likes to be moved around quite a bit and flies fast through the window without overpowering, which is perfect for a wave riding kite. Even through a kite loop it never feels overpowering and generates less power than flying it up and down. It turns very fast when needed and unhooking also feels great, but needs to be slightly depowered for it not to stall in light wind. When flying it down from high in the sky it flies very fast throughout and with not much scooping power at the bottom of the turn which enables it to fly straight back up, losing hardly any speed and generating a smooth, consistent and stable pull. The downwind drifting ability is noticeable and well needed for surfing, but I found it not 'unbelievable' like most other kite companies claim about their wave kite. The kite has some sort of telepathy towards the rider, because it seems to always be in the right spot in the sky; exactly where you want it to be. Jumping with the kite is very easy and lofty. It doesn't boost you very high up but rather keeps you hovering gently. It doesn't like to be flown in stronger wind for its size, as we found it struggling a bit with 'being friendly' and it started to give strange bar feedback with canopy flutter (in 35knots on a 7m). In light winds, with this year's model having more bottom-end power, you will be surprised at how good it is. Re-launch is almost instant and it can re-launch straight downwind from the rider. This really helps you to get your kite up before the next wave hits it.

Overall the kite is light with only three struts, but very tough, and with a small bridle system that has no pulleys, it feels very direct which helps not having to look at what the kite might be doing. With more power than last year's model the bar pressure is still on the lighter side but can be adjusted. It drifts and floats better than any other kite I know. The one pump system has a screw in 'one-way' valve which works very well, but one must be careful not to get any sand in it. It scored very high on my 'like list' and is, at this point in time, my favourite wave kite. I recommend this kite to everyone, from beginners to expert wave riders, all will love it. The Ozone Reo must be one of the safest kites out there as 'death looping' is harmless on this kite and therefore would also suggest it for kite school lessons. It only took me a few seconds to get used to the kite as it felt so easy and comfortable to use. The Bag is also nice and simple. Just perfect and all you really need with extra inner sock for the bar. I like no zips, as they start to corrode here very quickly with our coastal sea air and sand.

Ozone Bar 2014

The new Ozone bar is one of the best on the market. We liked the new quick-release safety system and what seems like an unbreakable swivel in the chicken loop. The bar is just a little thick especially when you're used to a Flexifoil bar, however the centre hole in the bar is very large and you won't ever feel like the safety line gets in the way. Extra power settings are on the leader lines of the 25m steering lines, which are hidden under the bar floaters. The depower is a bit shorter than on other brands and it uses the cleat system. The safety works really well and it does it with one of the two front lines. There is a small stopper ball one third of the way up the line to stop the bar flying further towards the kite when the safety is activated.

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Comment by Sean (Slimchance) Chester on October 28, 2013 at 9:32
Great review!! Thanks for taking the time Steffen. I cant wait to try it. I'm on the 2013s and completely love them. Tested the RRD and also loved it. So that's my dilemma at the moment but I'll def. Demo the 2014 Reo before i make a choice.


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