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The Mutiny is new in SA and to Kitesports, and is designed by the previous Flexifoil designer.

The first session I had on this kite was on a very light day when guys were out on their 12m kites, and Sin convinced me to try the 7m. So I grabbed a surfboard, and with not much confidence, started setting up. I noticed straight away the guys have thought a lot about the bar. The grip is a super soft "suede-like" material that gets grippy when wet. The front line swivel is heavy duty and you'll never see a twist after spinning. They decided on a solid plastic chicken loop which I wasn't convinced about at first, but there are some pros to this - like the way the top of the chicken loop fits into the bar when you unhook so that you know where it is when you want to hook back in. The kite is impressive. It feels so lightweight and this allows you to get everything out of the wind with a small kite.

On Wednesday I had my second session on this kite and a 5'9" Brunotti wave board in about 19-23 knots and it was awesome. The wind range on this kite is untouchable. It drifts down the line well while on a wave and it's so suited to waveriding because of its super smooth power delivery and huge depower so you can throw it around in front of you while on a wave to get it into the right position without it giving you any unwanted tug downwind. For hooked in waveriding I'd definitely suggest this kite. It also has a great safety system which connects to both front lines and depowers the kite completely when activated.

You won't have to worry about the top-end of this kite either as I saw Bean out on his 7m Mutiny and his wave board a couple of weeks ago when that HUGE West came through at 40+ knots while Bruce was out riding a 3m!


If you're into waveriding or want a kite with masses of depower, this kite is like nothing else I've flown. Contact the guys at Kitesports for a demo. Well worth it.

Just to add to the post, I had an awesome session yesterday just doing unhooked wave riding in the clean SW swell and wind. The kite suprised me again! It doesn't look like a great unhooking machine but it works well, just drifting downwind and I didn't have to work to keep it from backstalling while surfing the wave. Very stoked with yesterday's session.

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Comment by Vishal Maharaj on September 9, 2011 at 22:06

Well done Calvin, good review. I am glad I bought a Mutiny kite.

Comment by Brendon on June 4, 2011 at 3:48
Nice review Calvin! Sounds like a fun kite...
Comment by Sinisa on June 3, 2011 at 13:02
Hey Calvin, nice blog post. I have not yet tried the 7m properly but the 9m Mutiny is the business in the waves.


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