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I have been riding the Ozone Reo 4,6,8,10 and 12m in different conditions in Cape Town this entire season in a wide variety of conditions. For me personally this is the best waveriding kite I have ever flown.

Coming from other kites you might have to get used a bit to the kite in a way that the Reo is a kite that needs to be actively flown and you can keep the kite more down in the power zone.

The Reo doesn't have as much grunt as other (wave) kites when you pull in the bar. The Reo is a very fast and direct kite that will generate its power as soon as you start flying the kite through the window and you will generate the pull to get you out there. The steering is light but instant and very direct.

Once you are on the wave you can either park the kite or throw it around as it is extremely manoeuvrable without ever becoming aggressive and throw you off. The backwind drift is superb no backstalling and when flying down the line you don't have to worry about the lines getting slack. This makes the kite suited for riding both hooked in as well as unhooked. When riding unhooked you easily can steer the kite from the wrist and you won't experience any surprises in its power delivery and won't pull you upwards. This is also a very strong point when riding strapless you can power up to accelerate and the drop all the power and the kite will follow.

The only point of criticism I could point out is that the upwind capability of the kite has been compromised a bit compared to the normal kites. But this is a small price to pay for when all you want to do is right waves without having to worry about the kite.

Grap a demo and give it a try you won't be dissapointed!!

See below the review from the last Kiteworld Issue

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Comment by Fred Kloren on April 24, 2012 at 16:36
Comment by Fred Kloren on April 8, 2012 at 12:23

This is a review I came across from our friends from Kitepower in OZ and I thought I share this one with you.

The Ozone Reo could either sink or swim in a place like Redcliffe – after all, why bring a kite that’s designed for waves to a place where a two-foot swell is considered a big day?

Fortunately, the Ozone Reo is a jack of all trades, with great wave performance when I hit the waves up the coast, and decent all-round performance for freeriding at home in the bay. Turns out I am absolutely stoked on this kite for my style of riding.

If I had to describe it in a paragraph, here’s what I’d tell you: The Reo is a light feeling, fast flying hybrid that’s designed with a surfboard in mind, but actually works pretty well with a twintip too. It’s got three struts so it flies in light wind and packs down to handkerchief size, plus it’s got a tiny little bridle with no pulleys, to make things simple. The big fat wingtips keep it flying when depowered and help it turn fast with medium power throughout the turn. It also looks awesome and comes in green. I like green.

Ozone Reo 2012

I ride surfboards 50% of the time here in the bay; there are no waves, but I pretend there are and muck about doing little jumps and falling off a lot because I refuse to put straps on my surfboard. On the odd occasion that I do head for the waves, I love the fact that the Reo just drifts along and lets me do my thing on a wave, then pulls me out the back again so I can have another go.

Because I don’t ride a surfboarf every day, the most important thing from a freeriding aspect was how it jumps. Jumping is critical to being an all-round kite, so if the Reo didn’t jump, it was useless for riding at home. While it’s not going to win you any big air awards, it certainly boosts with plenty of hangtime for the average punter, and let’s be honest – if you’re a big air junkie then you should be riding the Ozone Edge instead. The Reo jumps big enough for me to get a kick out of it anyway. So for freeriding and doing your average twintip tricks, it gets a big tick from me.

Ozone Reo 2012 - 8m

We’ve established that the Ozone Reo suits me, but will it suit you? If you like cruising about in the bay, with the occasional day in the waves – or you do the hot potato with a surfboard and twintip, then you’re going to love it. On the other hand, if you’ve never ridden a surfboard – and never want to – then no, you probably won’t like it, but you’ll never know unless you try!

So will I be riding one this year? You bet I will; and you can guarantee there’ll be quite a few flying around in flat water too. If you like the sound of the Ozone Reo, then drop by the shop and pick up the demo for the afternoon.

Comment by Fred Kloren on April 5, 2012 at 20:58

Great Kite


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