What are the best kitesurfing beaches in Cape Town

What are the best kitesurfing beaches in and around Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is one of the world's best kitesurfing destinations,…
North 2020 Gear Arrives in Cape Town

North 2020 Kitesurfing Gear Arrives in Cape Town

North Kiteboarding 2020 kiteboarding gear has landed in Cape…
South Easter Kitesurfing - Made In Cape TOwn

South Easter Kites – A South African Kitesurfing Company

If you’ve visited Cape Town during spring to late summer for…

The Best Car Rental Companies to Use When Kitesurfing In Cape Town

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North Kiteboading Continues

North Kiteboarding Continues

North Kiteboarding will be relaunching in August 2019. After…
Kitesurfing Brazil

Kitesurfing in Brazil

How does nine months of reliable wind, good weather and epic…

A Look At Airush Kiteboarding’s New Foil Range

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Introducing Duotone Kitesurfing

North Kiteboarding has changed its name to Duotone Kiteboarding.…
Cabinrha Kiteboarding Teaser 4 Days To Go

Cabrinha 2019 Is Here! Check Out The Video

https://youtube.com/watch?v=NxRfzNy1ppg The Cabrinha Kiteboarding…
Kitecloud Logo

Kitecloud App: Connecting Passionate Kitesurfers From Across the Globe

There’s a new app in town for kitesurfing fanatics. We all…

2017 Switchblade Is Here

The best-selling kite of all time has gotten another upgrade…

Kai Lenny SUP Hydro Foil

The watersports industry and watermen around the world have…

Get The Feet Wet Within The Cape – The Very Best Beaches in Cape Town

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